Oct 1, 2015

Make a Rag-Knot Pot Skirt {Tutorial}

Fall is in the air (or, so it should be). I see pumpkins & gourds all over town but I am still wearing flip flops and shorts. It's still very hot! But since it's October I pulled out a little fall decor for the porch.
The great thing about this time of year is that some live plants in the garden shops are marked down to half price. This is a perfect time so get to know a new kind of plant that you haven't nurtured before (if you are willing to give her a little extra love and care).

Some plants don't look all that healthy at the end of the season but can be brought back to a lively green with some fresh soil and a larger pot for their roots to stretch out and grow.

I found this succulent for about $6. When I searched for a pot to hold her they were still pretty expensive for the kind I really wanted so in the end I brought home an inexpensive black resin pot.
The pot was really plain but I had an idea to make it stand out more against our dark colored house.

You know how I like to adorn my pots with twig wreaths, especially in the fall.

Well, with some inexpensive muslin fabric. I tied a long strip of fabric around the center and used hot glue to hold it in place.

I didn't stop there. I just started going to town making a rag-knot skirt for the pot by tying random length pieces of muslin all the way around.

Here is how:
I figured if it turned out ugly, there are other things I could do with the fabric strips (ideas HERE).
Once the skirt was full enough I poured some fresh soil inside, broke lose the roots of my plant and placed her inside. I rubbed my hands over the fabric to dust off the dry dirt and doing so also made the fabric lay in a messy fashion.
I like the whimsical texture. It mixes well with some rustic accents and pumpkins against the dark house.
You are probably wondering what I will do when it rains. Turns out, it rarely rains in Utah and besides if the fabric gets dirty and grungy looking, I might like it or I might just throw it away. Our porch is covered though and I only expect this plant to live outdoors until our first frost (which I am actually looking forward to).
With a few pumpkins, a bargain bench, creepy spider and the Rag-Knot Pot Skirt my porch is prepared to welcome October.
Thanks for stopping by and -
Happy Fall Y'all!
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Sep 25, 2015

Project Challenge - Rust

Welcome to Project Challenge where several bloggers and I use a pre-chosen material and show how we use them in different ways.

This month our challenge was to use something with rust.
My choice was to use this old rusty grate that I found at a flea market.
I thought of using it as a message board but while decorating the family room I decided that this wall needed something to contrast with all the light, creamy colors.
To me it adds depth but doesn't make a big statement.
Somehow, attaching a little twiggy wreath makes just about anything cute.

Did you see what the other bloggers did with rust?

Click the links below to visit my friends and have a super happy weekend! :)

Sep 23, 2015

Saw Horse Desk and a Painted Armoire

This is a rectangle shaped room that is visible from the entryway to our home. I have made it into an office & living room combined. The piano and two leather club chairs are on one end (see HERE) and on the other side I have had a bit of trouble finding the right look for - - - until now.
I needed an office space with a place to put this big armoire that holds wrapping paper, junk, craft supplies - etc.. Nobody wanted to haul that heavy piece anywhere but the main floor so it ended up here. It had been painted white before but was way too light in this room. The color the armoire wears so beautifully now is Stone Castle Griege (Glidden). The hardware is also switched out to a  darker bronze (Hobby Lobby).
Before the deep grey color this room felt too light and your eye couldn't target one particular thing or area. I think I know what designers mean when they say "black (or dark) grounds a room".
Pairing two cream painted metal chairs (Pottery Barn) with a dark wood desk made from saw horses (IKEA) and a plywood top stained in Midnight (Cabot from Lowe's) bring contrast to my light, neutral color pallet.
Facing the chairs to look out the window keeps the sun glare off of my computer screen and gives me a pretty view to enjoy while browsing and blogging. (I can't wait for our first snow fall - won't that be pretty?)
I love spending time in here, although it gets pretty hot with all the windows. I am looking forward to some winter days when the sun comes shining in to warm my soul.

If you missed the first glimpse of our new house you can view that HERE.

On another note -

This Friday I am participating in another Project Challenge. Several bloggers and I will be sharing an item or project having to do with "rust". So far, it looks pretty interesting! Watch for that post this Friday in the am. :)

Thanks you for visiting! I appreciate every read and comment.


Sep 21, 2015

Revere Pewter Walls for the Master Bedroom

Guess what color our bedroom was before it became Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)?
M-A-U-V-E....that word may not even be part of your vocabulary if you are younger than me. Do you remember the sponge painting technique too? Luckily, I never jumped on that trend and certainly couldn't embrace it today either.

Out with the late 80's - in with a pretty pale griege.
I picked up this dresser and tri-fold mirror for a song at the Lazy Daisy in VA before we left town. I repainted the mirror and the drawers in Stone Castle Griege by Glidden. It is a perfect neutral grey for furniture!
Since our home has so much natural light, light carpet and window coverings I wanted some contrast on a couple of pieces of furniture. I was so pleasantly surprised with this color. I love it!
Not much is new in this room - same old black & white - my favorite "go to" color scheme. That little lamp is a Target clearance find and the shade I already had.
The throw blanket and black & white striped pillow covers are from IKEA. (that is my real dog - not an Ewok - that word may not be in your vocabulary either)
This sweet plant sits in a sunny corner of our bedroom in between some french doors that lead to a deck and my dresser. It's pretty neat to have it back in my possession. Here is a little story about her: 15 years ago I gave that same plant as a youngling to my mom since I couldn't take it on our cross country move to the East Coast. Mom took such great care of her. It always touched my heart as I would visit every year and see that she was thriving in Mom's happy, sun-filled home. The plant grew and grew. She even had to be cut back several times as she got carried away. When we arrived here in August this year Mom let me take her home to our new place. Like I never left - we are reunited again as mature adults!  Her branches are so thick and healthy (so are mine). I am going to attempt to train her to grow in the form of a tree.

Thank you, Mom, for plant-sitting for so very long.
While I am showing you the room I may as well give you a peek at the view we have from up here. It's dreamy at night with the crickets singing and the city lights shining. (However, I am not missing the sound of cicada bugs yet)
Well, there it is - Revere Pewter by Ben Moore and a little in between. A perfect color for a whole house. It's light but still has a nice contrast with light molding.  If you are building/remodeling and need one color for your entire house, this is it.

Now, if only getting my 7th grade boys to love their new school as much as I love my new room. :(
(Thankfully we have my Mom and lots of other family & friends to help us through this transition)

I am happy that you stopped by!
Thank you, as always!
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Sep 18, 2015

Up-cycled Bistro Set for the Porch

Some of my favorite things about this house are all the outdoor living spaces. Today I am mostly sharing our front porch, which we really don't use much, but I like our home to look cozy and inviting. Placing a small bistro set outside gives a warm and lived-in feeling when viewing the home from the curb.
I used this old wooden spool as the table and paired it with two outdoor metal chairs from Target. The height is just right. I love mixing materials, the more things don't match the better in my book.
The mature trees in front give privacy to the porch but I think that black door could pop out better among the foliage with a lighter or brighter color. It's an extra tall and wide door with iron designs between the glass so I would like to accentual those features. (one little project at a time!)

Here is a little peek at our back deck. I am in love with the scrub oak trees out here. I repainted this super old white picnic table that I purchased at a yard sale years ago (see it as my desk HERE). Those are more chairs from Target.
And another little sitting area. The wooden chairs are from IKEA and the generic metal table is from Target.
I am excited to host a party here this weekend with my family. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and there is plenty of room outside on the decks for everyone.

Thanks for coming by!
Enjoy Your Weekend!

Sep 15, 2015

First Glimpse at Our New House in Utah

Hello Friends!
I am finally getting around to taking pictures of our new space to share with you. This move has been a little hectic. It is so great being by my family!  However, moving my 12 year old boys has been tough. I grew up in the same house all my life so I don't know what it is like to switch schools and be "the new kid". Apparently - it stinks!
I am trying to put my mom guilt aside and make the best of where we are at in life. Time always helps. (smiley face)

Our home is one place I am loving. The windows are amazing and the sun is so bright. The color scheme throughout the home is very "creamy". I purchased these leather club chairs for the front room to go near our piano.
Just behind the leather chairs is where I sit and write to you. :) A little office space furnished with a couple of light metal chairs and saw horses topped with a basic plywood top stained dark to provide desk space.
My armoire and favorite rocking chair are gathered here also and it makes for a cozy and sun filled place for me to read and write.
Next to my rocking chair is a step down to a family room where the TV and fireplace are.
I do not have the appropriate lens for my camera to take wide view shots at the moment but I will soon. The TV sits on an antique chest of drawers and fits inside a recessed wall area.
The ceilings are tall and the rock mantel wall extends around to the foyer. I like the texture.
This is a really cozy room that gets a lot of natural light but is also hidden from the front entrance. I love to watch movies in this room. It's private and so comfortable.
...And of course, my Mazi dog is happy as a pig so long as she has company. She is more clingy than usual since the move but I don't mind having her next to me all day through.
I am ordering a new camera lens today so I can take some better pictures of whole room views. My priorities have been with my family during these last several weeks and continue to be but I do want to share how I make this new place home with you. I hope you will come back again.
Happy Fall (almost)! 

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Jul 31, 2015

Project Challenge - Reclaimed Wood

As my Project Challenge friends may tell you, I have been a little in and out of my commitment to post a project for our Project Challenge event that falls on the last Friday of each month. Thank you to my fellow bloggers who understand that life comes first.

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