Jul 31, 2015

Project Challenge - Reclaimed Wood

As my Project Challenge friends may tell you, I have been a little in and out of my commitment to post a project for our Project Challenge event that falls on the last Friday of each month. Thank you to my fellow bloggers who understand that life comes first.
OK...let's get started here - so our material this month is Reclaimed Wood.....uuuuhm - I do a ton of projects with this stuff so I knew I could pull together a quick craft that anyone can do in only an hour or less. 
Here it is....
If you follow my blog you may have already seen one of these wood center pieces featured before. I took photos as I made this one for you - it was super easy!
These are 1x6 pine slats that I had been using as shelves in my kitchen. They are in the "please move to my new house" pile in our garage. Who can waste this stuff?...Not I!
After sanding the pine a bit and staining the exposed wood with Ebony color of Minwax stain then wiping it off I cut two more scraps from my "save" pile for the bottom side. This picture is foggy because it is so humid out today that my camera lens kept fogging up. Gross - hu?! So I came inside to finish my tray/wood centerpiece.
Using four wood screws and my favorite drill I attached the dark wood scraps to the bottom of the two pine boards to keep them together. At each bottom corner I placed a sticker of round felt so that when used on a pretty table top it will not scratch the surface.
So far, this has maybe taken twenty minutes to do since I had everything on hand.
The fun part is to add some of your own style of hardware to each end on the top side. I had these metal looking pulls (purchased at Hobby Lobby) in some of my craft supplies box. Two screws in each end at your preferred area of the tray and WOW - that is it!
 If you are using your new reclaimed wood piece as a focal point on a table, it is fun to add twinkle lights that can plug in at one end. These are faux flowers in mason jars - fresh flowers are my preference but I don't buy them often enough to keep them as a beautiful center piece.
Another way to use this 35 inch long tray is to increase your counter space by lying it on top of the cook top (if not in use). I have wanted to make a cooktop cover out of wood for so long but never did. This one isn't necessarily a custom fit but the felt tabs on the bottom each touch the solid surface counter top on either side of the oven. That makes it a perfect place to store vegetables that will be cut for a night of grilling out - or pretty much anything.
Pretty AND Functional! You can't pass up the opportunity to make something out of reclaimed wood - especially when it is this easy!
Now, you can see how my fellow bloggers have used their creative ideas on re-purposing old wood in the links below.
If you have a project where you have reused some old wood - you can link it up below too. We are LOVERS of reclaimed wood! Please share your idea from your own blog or website and your link will show up on all six of our blogs! :)
Thank YOU!!!! ENJOY!

Jul 29, 2015

Gorgeous Kitchens

Are you ready for some EYE CANDY?
Yes, I am torturing myself as I flip through my Kitchen Pinterest Board. Some people have such super, dreamy food prep spaces! I am trying to imagine my own new space and how to possibly implement the kitchen styles I am drooling over here in this post.
Refrigerator and that cabinet leg!!
I actually love to move just so I can reinvent a new home that is pretty but also easy to live in.
My family and I are looking forward to relocating closer to our relatives. Ever since my husband and I have had children we have lived nearly 2000 or more miles away from Grandmas & Pas, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  I can't wait to host family BBQ's and especially have my nieces and nephews over to play. With that said - I don't want to worry about anything too precious being scratched - so I won't include any of that in my decor at this point in my life.
But I am losing sleep over where I am going to put all my old furniture in the new space. I am so busy dreaming about it that I can't even focus on taking a shower or grocery shopping for my kids. A little OCD never hurt anyone - right? (???)
So we are eating out a lot. :) (my waistline is disappearing quickly). My husband isn't working his old job right now and has not yet started the new one. I have pulled out of the retail space that was my hobby-job also. I think we both enjoy "not working" and the kids have no school so our life is a little strange right this minute. We never know "what the heck" day it is (Utah slang). I am appreciating the down time so much. 
We have been site seeing in places near where we've lived for three years but one of my boys got sick and it's raining outside so I am surfing Pinterest.
One thing I am thankful for this time around as we prepare for our move is that I am NOT selling a house. As much as I have not enjoyed renting, this is a fair pay off with the simplicity of giving a 60 day notice to the property manager and then TNOP! (Spongebob- Totally Not Our Problem).
Gorgeous Design Files   Baby Kisses
Our rental home is all back to original. As I expected, it was super easy to do and I mostly "de-personalized" our home over a year ago. I have sold a lot of our furniture and decor at the local retail shop called The Lazy Daisy in hopes of making our move a little simpler.
High ceilings call for dramatic lighting, and these industrial orbs do not disappoint. Equally impressive: an oversized granite island housing a second sink and "cubby" storage. The overall vibe is functional, yet friendly --
I know my husband doesn't think so but I really have gotten rid of so much (even though we still have an estimated 21,000 lbs of stuff left over to take along).
When the moving surveyor told us that - I was wondering if she was estimating on the high side. Either way, I am thankful for a corporate relocation. If I had to pack and move our junk, I would never ever move again.
Design Manifest: Kitchen Style- Wood Bottoms, White Tops - with subway tile
I wish I could promise myself that this is the last move ever but I like to keep my options open too. 
A beautiful white kitchen - antique island
I love building a new home, not everyone enjoys that because it can be stressful, but to me, watching a house be built to your own selections is amazing.
Are you enjoying the pretty kitchen pictures as I babble? I am just sharing the photos I am adoring as I give a little up date on our move that is taking a little longer than expected.
Vintage Industrial
There are so many amazing ways to decorate. Some of these kitchens are super fancy but a lot of them, especially the rustic island ideas, can be done for not too much money.
wood beam ceiling & hardwood floors along with the cabinet color and no upper cabs by the stove.
I am loving the above photo's cabinet color against the dark wood floors. Do you have a favorite? 
Fireplace in the kitchen....one day!
Even though our home looks nothing like any of these pictures, they spark something inside of me that makes me want to create, clean and get organized.
An open, light, and airy rustic kitchen with painted beadboard walls, wood floors, and clerestory windows
I hope you enjoyed viewing several of my Pins from my kitchen board on Pinterest. You can follow along with me there {HERE} if you like.
brick floor, basket....all
Also, I am hosting a link up party for bloggers and website owners this coming Friday for our Project Challenge. Six bloggers use one common material to create a project to share. We usually come up with completely different ideas even though we have similar taste in design. Our material for July is RECLAIMED WOOD. You must have something to share so stop by here or any of the blogs listed below to link up one to three of your own projects. Your link will show up on all six awesome blogs!
Thanks for stopping by, my friends, and Have a Happy Day!

Jul 22, 2015

Seeing Our Nations Capital

Have you all been to Washington DC?
We have lived in Virginia for 3 years now and just barely got around to taking our boys up to tour the nations capitol. We are trying to cram in site seeing on the east coast while we are still out this way.

Jul 14, 2015

Imagining....New Home - New Design

Don't fall off your chair - I am posting twice in one week!
rough leather and light floors
I know, my blog takes the backseat during summer months b/c I am usually out playing. This summer I keep dreaming of decorating our new home (moving soon).

Jul 9, 2015

A Wedding, 50th Anniversary Party and Good News

Hey Blog Friends!
This has been the craziest summer!  Lots of happy things going on.. I will start with this beautiful wedding for my nephew, Parker and new wife, Lizzy.
Aren't they so cute? A beautiful wedding reception was held in this gorgeous yard.

May 31, 2015

Project Challenge - Fencing

Welcome to Project Challenge. A monthly event where six bloggers use one type of material and share how we used it in different ways. This month we are using fencing. 
You can link up a project of your own too! 

May 27, 2015

Try This Extreme Layered & Chipped Paint Technique

Yes...that wild paint job above was definitely on purpose!
A few years ago I saw this piece in a show home in the Utah Parade of Homes. I have meant to re-create a similar piece ever since (the photo is crappy - it's old).
With that as my inspiration - I came up with this technique to accomplish that dramatic weathered look.

May 21, 2015

Furniture Before and After Projects

Hello Blog Friends! :) I am not one to make excuses for not posting regularly but I do recognize that I am slacking in that area, however, for good reason. Let me share some projects that I have completed that have been keeping me from sitting down to write a post. 

May 15, 2015

Design with Vintage Wooden Car Ramps

A couple of weeks ago Richmond, Virginia had a Vintage Home Market. It was amazing to see all the unique items each vendor brought in. 

May 11, 2015

Square Island on Wheels

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. My boys were really good to me, as usual. When they asked me what I wanted for a gift I replied...pretty please don't fight with each other all day long (oh, and some lemon meringue pie sounds yummy!). :)

Apr 30, 2015

Apr 26, 2015

This End Up Desk turned Rolling Island

This project was so fun to do. I refinish furniture pretty often so when I picked up this desk I had no idea what I was going to turn it into.

Apr 18, 2015

Sofa Table Made w/ Wood Scraps

Happy weekend friends! We are having the most beautiful weather here in Virginia. The windows are open and a fresh breeze is blowing through the house. I love these days. This post isn't about the weather but when it's nice out that means I get to create comfortably outdoors.

Apr 15, 2015

Wood Trellis Clip Board w/ Wire Accent

The garden center in the spring time is one of my favorite places to go. The outdoor bird feeders, planters and live plants bring hope for warm weather and some fun outdoor living.

Apr 13, 2015

Chicken Wire & Screen Door Display

A few months ago we had some neighbors that were moving out of their house. On garbage day they put this old screen door out at the curb to be hauled away.

Apr 4, 2015

Create a Unique Dining Set

Hello Friends! Happy Spring Break!
This week was super busy with furniture make overs. I recently finished this dining set.
I get asked "Where do you find these dining sets?"

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