2011 Best Blog Projects

Although I installed this old door several years ago, it gets the most attention from viewers of my home tour.

Candlelit Stairs

These Mason Jars have come in so handy this season....
(actually they are recycled peanut butter jars)

Handcrafted Wedding Gift

 (well, since Christmas is over....on to other gifting and projects)

One of my good client/friend wanted a couple of special wedding gifts for her friends that were getting married.

{ More Moss Love }

I'm loving little moss projects:

Then I added a hanging pinecone - much more "earthy" & interesting.

Drab to Fab Gift

I was at the craft store the other day and a lady was looking at these candles that were
 3 for $10 or something ridiculously cheap.
She said - "Oh, these make the best teacher gifts."
So that's fine - you don't have to spend much on teachers for sure.
I think they are appreciative of anything from their students.
But here's a way to make that $3.50
candle look a whole lot more special.

I Do Clean My Kitchen


Nothing motivates me to clean my house more than getting caught with it a "freaking" mess!

Tree of Memories

Our Family Christmas Tree 2011...

This tree has ornaments from when I was a little girl.
My grandmother let all the grand kids pick out an ornament every Thanksgiving so we could build up a nice collection for when we had our own tree to decorate.

A Recycled & Beautiful Fireplace Mantel

This Mantel is ALL about Recycling and Reusing what you have.....
(an update to my post on Simple Holiday Mantel)

Favorite Burlap Wreath

My Favorite Burlap Wreath
(I know - this is my third tutorial for burlap wreaths but this one is sooooo cute)
These are perfect for winter because of the fullness and wonderful texture.
But I will be keeping mine out all year.
  I love these.
Here is what you need to make one:

Cute "free" Winter Decor

I had rescued some old windows and wood pallets a couple of weeks ago.
I had them all laying against my garage door in the front driveway.

recycled wood ornaments

I make home accents using new and reclaimed wood.  Last year as I was cleaning out my garage I came upon lots of little wood pieces that I couldn't throw out or burn.
So I made these little Christmas decorations with all that scrap wood.
I cut the wood into squares or rectangles and brushed a bit of cream paint on them (not so neatly).
Sanded them a bit on the edges & printed the holiday words with my cricut.
Once the words were placed I brushed mod podge over them.

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