I am Holly, the creator of  Down to Earth Style blog. I am a beginner in photography and not all that comfortable with my writing but decorating has been my hobby for many years. I do DIY projects often. In September of 2011 - I started this public DIY journal to share with my family and friends. I have met a few new friends along the way and enjoy interacting with my readers in my small space here on the web.

Back in 2007, I started a small business designing rooms and making home accents for friends and clients. I've tried various ways to distress, age and make furniture. I share the successful ideas with my readers.

I use the name 'Down to Earth' because my style is very simple and my designs are meant to be easy, practical and family friendly. When I hear somebody say "Down to Earth" I think - not intimidating and real. If somebody thinks that I am "Down to Earth" - well, I take that as a compliment.

Meet My Family
My husband and I have been married 20 years (that makes me sound ancient).
We enjoy raising our twin boys together.
Creating a comfortable home that these boys can be proud of and feel free to invite their friends to is my main job these days. And since our recent move to Virginia, I also have a little bit more time to DIY and share here, on Down to Earth Style. 

How to get the most of your visit with me?
You can get way more from my blog by knowing just a few tips! Remember that in my right sidebar there is a Labels section that lists all my projects, stories and decorating all organized under what we call "labels" or categories. When you click on a particular "label" my site will bring up all posts with that label for example Kid SpacesRecycled DecorTutorials and many more. When your mouse/cursor hovers over a word and the word italicizes or changes color - that means it is a link to take you to more about that item or subject - so click it for more ideas and inspiration. You won't lose your spot because they open in a new page for your convenience. I usually try to highlight links in red inside each post or story but sometimes I forget.

Also, there are certain categories or labels that are especially unique to my blog so I made them extra easy to find by posting circle shaped photos in my sidebar that you can't miss so click on one to take you to more about that category. The titles are above in case the picture doesn't speak for itself.

If you don't blog, you should know that blogging is a lot of work and takes a lot of valuable time. Although I have a few "ads" in places either inside articles or at the top and sides of your screen - us bloggers don't make much money from them. Darn it! To make sure that my previous work doesn't go to waste, or get missed.... you can find out what Down to Earth Style offers by using these tips - because I think it is worth a read. I hope you will explore a little more and see what I have been working on since September of 2011.

PLUS....at the very top of your screen under my logo I have pages listed horizontally across the top that are also links. 

I hope this helps you navigate around and helps you be inspired to find ways to make your own space spectacular and unique, because I do have a lot of experience (my husband can vouch for that). It seems everybody is a DIY blogger anymore, but I keep up my blog because I like to share my secret techniques and easy updates. These tips on reading my blog should help you on other blogs, too.

Thanks for stopping by today and you are always welcome to stay the whole day - click around and see what else I have to show off.
(I am not the show off actually - Mazi is (the Morkie puppy, or as my family of boys say "Dorkie" puppy). She's been self - promoted as our mascot on this blog. I'm just a crazy DIY-er among other things - mother of twins, wife, maid, cook, friend, aunt, sister, daughter, free spirit etc. etc. etc. etc.)

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