House Tour 2

To help you better navigate around my blog, there are {red} links below some photos that will take you to more posts about the space pictured above. I hope that helps! Enjoy the tour.
My family and I moved to Virginia just over a year ago so we have spent some time trying to make this house HOME to us. 
The front porch is a fun place to drink coffee in the morning and I love to change it up for holidays.
or for early fall view - Moss & Vine Pumpkin Urn post.
Here is the entrance to our home and where we use this foyer table I made with an old window and deck pillars. It is really skinny and has hooks for our keys,
The chalkboard is functional for kids backpack storage and my notes to help keep me organized.
Our foyer leads into the kitchen and breakfast nook.
Our breakfast nook is painted white. It's the center of gathering for our family. An old, sturdy workshop table that was handed down to me is used as our dining table.
I would love a white kitchen like our last house but for now - I have white and black accents in a cherry color kitchen.
I framed in the fridge with white painted wood.
I also took stock cabinets out in exchange for white open shelving next to the sink. For the cabinet above the microwave, I used contact paper to cover the wood frame and built a box for the top to make the kitchen look two toned with staggered (looking) cabinets. You can go HERE for more details.
Beyond the kitchen is a "would be" formal dining room but since we have school aged children at home - I made this area into a Homework Room and Craft Space.
This is our family room and it is open to the kitchen, also. It is a cozy place to lounge around in.
(this room changes often)
A basket of blankets, tag sale furniture that has been painted and a huge slip covered sofa make it easy to live in here. Everything can be washed and used.
Let's go up our painted staircase and hall.

My husband and I replaced the worn carpet here with vinyl wood.
Luke's room has task lights from the garage as reading lights and.....
 an industrial night stand that was so easy to make.
Here is where Ben sleeps...
He ended up with the old wood and chicken wire art on his wall. My kids don't have fancy spaces but their bedding is super comfy!
My bedroom, on the other hand, has a little more style.
Industrial ~Shab is the latest, but you can see other versions of my bedroom HERE.
See how I made the anniversary pillow on the link below:
This is a room that we call the music room.
This room changes often, too.
I made the pedestal sink skirt and rod. To see how CLICK HERE.
Thank you for taking our home tour and you are welcome to stop by anytime to see what is happening in our real life - or at least in my own creative part of life.
If you would like to see our previous home you can click here.
Don't forget to view this home for the Holidays 2013 HERE.


Kim Kasch said...

Beautiful! Love all the little touches

nancy said...

it is so beautiful!

BaileyWife said...

The spirit of your home seems to have stayed the same in both states. I can't wait to see what you do with your next one! And to answer your question about country living: I didn't grow up here, but am so glad my kids are! I wouldn't want it any other way! Good luck in your search!

Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

You sure know how to fill rooms with lots of great details and avoid a cluttered look! How do you do that?! I also love the white curtains! now I can't decide if I should go with white or burlap in my dining!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Pendra said...

You have a beautiful sense of style, right down to the smallest detail. We just purchased a home and I am just mojo has taken a break without me! I have so enjoyed visiting your lovely homes and am walking away with lots of inspiration and hope to find my mojo and get back to work on my home! Thanks for sharing!

Shirley Crowley said...

I love your ideas! We could be dangerous together! ;)

Melissa Owczarzak said...

You have a lovely house! I love your use of salvage architectural pieces~I use them everywhere and a lot of ppl think I'm nuts!! Love how you use boxwood and greens everywhere too~one of my fave things to do.

Michelle said...

Beautiful home!! Did you use the same paint colors in this house as you did for your old one?

Gypsy Heart said...

Just beautiful! So warm and welcoming too. I honestly don't know how you could do any better ~

I'm going to be moving in the next few months...could you please come to Texas and decorate for me? :)


Gypsy Heart said...
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The Alarcon Family said...

I'm looking to refinish a laminate dresser. I would like to give it the worn look but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. Can you give any tips on how to paint and give it that look??

Thanks! :)

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Wooow! Absolutely love your style! I love all the homey touches and warm and cozy it feels. Some day maybe my home will look like this :)

Jeannie said...

I love your style, wish your eye and talent for it would soak into me while I sleep. :)

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

Your house is STUNNING!! Such beautiful touches - it looks so homey which I love. Beautiful!

Petra said...

Hi - I'm new to following you and wanted to say how gorgeous the house tours are! You have a real skill at decorating - I love everything, and it all looks like it's done with love! Thanks for sharing.

Jamala Wallace said...

You left no stone unturned.. added the perfect touch to every room.. I absolutely love your home

donna said...

Welcome to VA! I am loving your blog! Thanks for sharing!

madyer3 said...

Please come do mine!!! I moved from 1300 sq ft to 4ooo!! I am at a loss!

katwoman said...

Hi Holly, I absolutely love all of your ideas and your home is gorgeous.
I was wondering where you got the hanging wrought iron hooks for your coffee mugs that you have hanging in your kitchen? I love that idea and it's a cute way to display the mugs.
I haven't ever seen anything like that before and we need all the help we can get with saving space in our cabinets.
Thanks so much for all of your inspiring ideas.
K. Harris

RealHousewifeOfBelfortHills said...

I just love your sense of style. Thank you so much for sharing and your wonderful website.
•:*¨¨*:• -»(¯`v´¯)-» •:*¨¨*:•

Arlene Keller said...

Your house looks great! I love how the rustic design makes it look homey and inviting. Needless to say, it is a dream home turned into reality. Thanks for sharing!

Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer

Grace said...

Love how you infuse country into everything you do. I love the horse picture on your wall- my daughter would love it also. Anyway we could find out where to get one like it. Thank you!

puzzoom said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it. On the first home tour page there are glass canisters on top of a shelf. I have those same canisters and love the way you wrapped them in burlap etc. Was wondering if there is a close up photo and or a tutorial.
Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Renee curreri said...

Absolutely beautiful! I've come back to your pictures over and over for ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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