Dec 6, 2018

Festive Family Room Reveal 2018

Hello Friends!

Are you ready for Christmas? This year I have been slow to pull out Christmas decorations but the family room is finally ready for this wonderful season. Want to see?
There's a lot going on in here but honestly, this room can handle it. Sometimes it feels so open, big and white. I told Marc the other day that it was cold in here and he said  "because we are trying to heat a warehouse".  :) The whole house is normal sized but this room is big.
The plan for Christmas this year was to pick up a real tree but finding an evening when all the teenagers want to go out at the same time is rare - and I only have two. I decided I'd just get started with stuff we had. All of these trees are older and the green on them isn't exactly the same but once I put them together I loved it and so did the boys.
The room is set up so "even Steven" that it needed varied heights and there wasn't just one corner that screamed Christmas tree.

I am so glad I did the wood surround on this bump out. I put little nails in it to hold the garland. The stockings are hung with furniture tacs that aren't pushed in all the way.
The firewood is just tree branches from our backyard. I cut them with a miter saw to get them the same length and rubbed them with a wash cloth in white paint. I even sealed them so they last.
They look like birch branches now. I know I can buy birch branches but if you have followed Down to Earth Style for awhile you know I don't like to interrupt a decorating vibe for a trip to the store.
 Do you love that quilt? My sweet Mom made that for me and I was so happy to reunite with it after it sat in storage for so long. I used to hang it on the wall above the couch in our Connecticut house or in our bedroom when the boys were small because I didn't want it to get dirty. I hope Mazi behaves with it here on our sofa.

Do you want to see the other treasures from my Mom?
Above the cabinets is my Christmas village. Every one of these little structures was hand painted by my Mom. (I posted about them several years ago HERE) Over the course of 15 years she gave her kids a house to add to their village on Thanksgiving. Look closer...
At night it's amazing! Aren't they cute?
What an emotional evening that was to open each house and feel the flood of memories and love of my Mom. This is our first Christmas since she passed. I won't go into that or I'll cry all day long.
That flocked wreath is from Walmart. It was $10. Seriously!
The kitchen and the family room are basically the same room. It's convenient and pretty but I might do 9 foot ceilings instead of 10 if I could choose again. Climbing the ladder so high to decorate was scary.
The dining room is set up behind the oven wall and has french doors out to a patio. I haven't decorated in there yet.
We haven't put ornaments on the trees.. I like them plain but are the bulbs sitting in a crate. They look good just where they are.

I brought down some little accessories that I have had for years like these little snowmen.
The coffee table has a runner on it with a Santa, a pine scented candle and some Holly branches from a tree outside. And of course Ms. Mazi is being lazy as ever on the sofa.
She needs her hair cut but I love it all shaggy. She looks like a well loved teddy bear.

Well, that is a picture overload if I ever saw one. But if you'd like to see more Christmas tours of our past homes click the links below..
Connecticut House 2011 HERE and HERE
Virginia House 2012 HERE
Virginia House 2013 HERE
Virginia House 2014 HERE
Utah House 2015 HERE
Utah House 2016 (I was MIA)
Christmas 2017 all I posted on was building this house.

Yes, we like to move a lot!

I post on Instagram if you'd like to follow there. HERE is the link. Or search downtoearth.home

K, thank you for your time today and I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Festive Family Room and Kitchen.

Have a super fun weekend!

Nov 5, 2018

An Office for Her

I have struggled with an idea of what to make of this front room. We had french doors put here because it's just off the foyer. The model home of our builder had one similar to this and I thought it was super pretty.

Aug 28, 2018

A Little Love Story

Since today is my wedding anniversary I thought I'd write a quick story about the man behind this blog & me. He makes it possible for me to do the things I love.

Aug 10, 2018

Custom Sized Foyer Table

Hello Friends!
Guess what? I made something! Yup! It's been a long time since I have taken on a project but here is why.

Jul 23, 2018

Jul 13, 2018

The Family Room with a Question for You

Today I got my camera out to take a few pictures of Mazi. She got a fresh new hair cut yesterday and she looks like she lost 50% of her weight.

Jul 9, 2018

Black and White Dining

Happy Monday!
I hope you are all enjoying summer. Here in Virginia we are having the best weather. We deserve it after such high humidity for three weeks. We needed a relief.

Jul 2, 2018

Foyer Gallery Wall

The entire time while building this house I was imagining this wall with a console table along it with  a simple mirror or horse picture above it.

Mar 21, 2018

Feb 16, 2018

Let Your House Shine & a Glimpse at the 2nd Floor

As I drove through the neighborhood tonight I noticed some exterior lights that seem to come on automatically at dusk. Some people turned on their porch lights which I think makes a home look like friendly place.

Feb 11, 2018

10 Trends I am Taking Home in 2018

Let me show you some trends that I have seen around lately that I just have to bring home this year.
1- Light walls with high contrast floors and accents such as the black backing of the shelving area in the picture above.

Nov 22, 2017

Lightly Staging a Charming Ranch House

Thanksgiving is tomorrow...I can't even believe it. 

I am sad not to be spending the holiday with our families. But I have to admit that I am so excited to do all the cooking. I love making the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Marc and the boys. It's back to the four of us and our own family traditions now that we are here in Virginia.

Nov 10, 2017

Choosing Light Fixtures

This week has been one of those that every day has been packed full. Now that it's Friday, I am glad we are done with it.

Nov 5, 2017

Feeling at Home

Sundays are my favorite. My boys and I (that includes my husband, Marc, and our twin boys) spend a lot of down time together on this day.

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