Jul 13, 2018

The Family Room with a Question for You

Today I got my camera out to take a few pictures of Mazi. She got a fresh new hair cut yesterday and she looks like she lost 50% of her weight.

Too bad that didn't work for me on my last hair cut.

While I had the camera out I tried my new tripod for the camera. For some reason I had two tripods come in the move but both had missing pieces. Gah!

I took a few pics of the family room to try it out.
I have been waiting to share our family room because we have a great big TV sitting here on the fireplace hearth until we get the gumption to hang it above the mantel. Nobody has that kind of motivation at the moment and honestly it's pretty comfortable watching it from there (and I love my horse taking center stage).

There are books to organize too but stacks of books around looks and feels like people really live here. I have a Pinterest board called We Live Here Style. There are two photos in it and both have stacks and stacks of books in them.

We all love this room. It's open, big and full of natural light all day long.
We don't really need window coverings for privacy and I am loving the simple look of the open, airy windows. We are surrounded by trees so the view is pretty. The trim is nice and thick around the windows too and I don't want to cover that up.

So I am wondering...

Since I hung bold curtains in the dining room - can I get away with not dressing up the windows in the family room?

(Mazi has her questioning look on.)
The rooms open to each other and the color schemes are the same. If you have an opinion let me know in the comments.

I told you in my last post that I would possibly share our bedroom next but guess what the hold up is?

Window coverings!
I don't think I ever minded hanging window panels in the past but now I just dread climbing a ladder and reaching my drill over my head.

Truth be told, Marc hung the ones in the dining room. He's more steady, strong and precise with his leveling. Since he has more opinions for this house I let him help out here and there.

The wall color is still Eider White by SW in this room. It sort of works now that our stuff is here. It's fresh but still not my favorite.
We are getting more and more comfortable as time goes on living in this new place. At first it felt strange but I told my family "We just need to make some memories here".

Mazi's the Queen of Comfort. In this picture you can't tell very well but she is nearly upside down on that pillow. Her bum is up and her head is down. She sleeps awkward like I do.

Before I go - I actually painted a few pieces this week. I shared on Instagram but here is another peek at this cute bench.
I am loving this green called Green Fields by Ben Moore. I darkened the green with Dark Walnut Stain using THIS technique.
So happy it's a weekend! I love being home with the boys and especially watching Marc tinker around his own house and yard again.

Let me know your thoughts on the window coverings and thanks for coming by today.

Have a super week!

Jul 9, 2018

Black and White Dining

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying summer. Here in Virginia we are having the best weather. We deserve it after such high humidity for three weeks. We needed a relief.

Over the weekend I painted our dining room.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:
It was so light and bright that my eyes would just float around and not focus on any particular thing. I knew that I wanted something dramatically different.

So, I painted the room in Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore.

Huge difference!
I love the gold mirror above an old buffet that I painted white. The handles are different metals and it ties in with the Gallery Wall in the foyer.
I put an old basket under the buffet and thought the fabric flowers that I got on clearance at Joann's would look nice stored there.
I like to stock up on floral when it's on clearance so I can buy a whole bunch of one type flower. I stay away from the plastic ones and opt for soft fabric floral that looks more natural.
We have plenty of chairs for the table but I like the look of a bench in a dining room. The metal basket underneath holds tables clothes, a runner and place mats.
Because it is summer I like to add a seasonal accent like these star fish. One sits at the base of each window.
Natural succulents and a mini ficus tree add life to the simple color scheme.
Painting that dark color took some patience. I was going to tape off the edges but to be honest - I think it makes it harder to get a good crisp line. I'd rather freehand nice and slow with a short two inch angled brush. Slow and Steady!

While I was working on this room and feeling quite like myself again, Ms. Mazi lounged around in the nearby family room.
We put in a pet fence to train her to stay in the yard this weekend. So far the beeping noise is keeping her inside the boundaries marked with flags.

Good Girl, May!

Tell me what you think of the dining room in the comment section below.

If you like these posts - you can get little glimpses of them before the blog on Instagram HERE.

I don't know what room comes next - maybe my bedroom.

Have a super fun week and Ms. Mazi and I thank you for dropping in!
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Jul 2, 2018

Foyer Gallery Wall

The entire time while building this house I was imagining this wall with a console table along it with  a simple mirror or horse picture above it.

(sorry it's blurry)
The hall widens up nice here but there's a cold air return, electrical outlet, light switch and temp control on this wall. Ugh! I want to hide all of them!

Once we moved in I placed a buffet table here but it felt a bit cumbersome to go around it. Not natural in traffic flow.
As I unpacked I realized I had a nice collection of mirrors and frames.
To make the utility components dissolve into the wall we painted the wall Extra White (Ben Moore) like the trim but in a satin finish, not semi-gloss.
I  like the personality the wall gives our house.

I have wanted a full gallery wall ever since I saw my brother's foyer in THIS post.
On the opposite wall hangs a chippy shutter. Our foyer sets the tone for the style of the rest of our house decor and that is why I like to start there when I decorate.
If you are a regular here you have heard me complain about the pink-ish undertone to the Eider White (Sherwin Williams) walls. I think they are starting to grow on me.
As we add our own pieces to the place it all ends up blending pretty well and I have bigger priorities right now than to repaint the entire house.

...so does Mazi!
Her life is tough here sitting around on down filled pillows.
Next up is our dining room. This is a bold one, my friends! Curtains will be here at the end of the week.

Have a super fun 4th of July and we'll catch up next week. If you are on Instagram you can see glimpses of what we are doing on our updates there in THIS link.

Until then,

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Mar 21, 2018

Feb 16, 2018

Let Your House Shine & a Glimpse at the 2nd Floor

As I drove through the neighborhood tonight I noticed some exterior lights that seem to come on automatically at dusk. Some people turned on their porch lights which I think makes a home look like friendly place.

Feb 11, 2018

10 Trends I am Taking Home in 2018

Let me show you some trends that I have seen around lately that I just have to bring home this year.
1- Light walls with high contrast floors and accents such as the black backing of the shelving area in the picture above.

Nov 22, 2017

Lightly Staging a Charming Ranch House

Thanksgiving is tomorrow...I can't even believe it. 

I am sad not to be spending the holiday with our families. But I have to admit that I am so excited to do all the cooking. I love making the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Marc and the boys. It's back to the four of us and our own family traditions now that we are here in Virginia.

Nov 10, 2017

Choosing Light Fixtures

This week has been one of those that every day has been packed full. Now that it's Friday, I am glad we are done with it.

Nov 5, 2017

Feeling at Home

Sundays are my favorite. My boys and I (that includes my husband, Marc, and our twin boys) spend a lot of down time together on this day.

Nov 2, 2017

Living Down to Earth and Our Appliance Selection

My boys and I are the type of people that stay home on holidays and hit popular vacation spots off season just to avoid the crowd. Since Sunday was gloomy and rainy we found our opportunity to tour these Massey Street of Hope houses with a little less foot traffic to compete with (link).

Oct 28, 2017

My Kitchen Crush

Photo by Don Ziebell 
Browsing around the internet for kitchen inspiration can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful kitchens that I can see myself loving to make dinner in.

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