Apr 5, 2012

Bonus Room...

This is one room I have not yet shared on my blog.

The floor has never been free of legos long enough for a photo - until now.

This space is all for my little boys.

Before the days of vinyl words I stenciled this saying on the wall.
I think it's a perfect message for the little guys.
(it's from Winnie the Pooh - but I don't tell my "big" boys that)
I had red accents all over my house when we moved here.
I still like it for a play space.

A big room that is awkward for furniture placement.

Everybody in the house has to have their own computer to keep peace.
This is an old desk I found at a tag sale for $10.
I repainted and stained it.

This is our tiny friend that occupies this space the most....

Meet Hams - our Robo hampster.  He is the cutest thing but he is nocturnal so he has to be at one end of the house all alone so we can sleep.

A useful room that I never decorate....


Bella said...

What a great space to play and enjoy some family time!

Love your coffee table and your $10 desk...$10!? really? Great job refinishing it I would have never guessed what you paid for it.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh that brought back the memories of 4H animals for the kids..hamsters...we even had babies...guini pigs, rabbits...they are so fun!!

Sally said...

It's nice to have a space for the kids. It looks great! LOVE the desk & the R2D2... my boy got the same one for Christmas this year, he loves it!

Bliss said...

What? Lego's aren't decorations?


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