Mar 29, 2012

My Secret to Glazing Cabinets etc...

I make rustic furniture for my small local business.  For several years I have used this simple recipe for beautifully antiqued looking wood. I have a secret "antiquing/glazing" technique that I am going to share with you.
I find that light color paints are especially hard to "glaze" so I've tried several methods to get the glazed and antiqued look just right.
This is what works best for me.

Mar 27, 2012


A few Realtors came this morning to take a little tour of our home.
Staging a home for the market is much different than decorating for actual living.
I positioned the couch and chairs to face each other as if people were sitting in them having a conversation. Smaller furniture pieces show off the floor and are more flexible to move around for traffic flow.
(A good rule of thumb... If you have a large room - bring furniture away from the walls and bring the seating close enough to hear the person in the seat across from you. It creates a cozy feel and actually makes the room feel larger.)

The fireplace is still the focal point in this room and the TV is sort of  - just there.

I removed the fluffy soft rug to show the painted floor. The rug was comfortable for the kids and the dog but I didn't want it to appear as if we were hiding the floor.
(plus - it smells better)

Here is a photo from before ....

The next room is our front music room.
I took off the white slipcover and let the blue sofa just be what it is...

All the family photos have been taken down. Less decor helps buyers focus on the room size and features like wainscoting and crown molding.

Here is this room from before...

I also removed items from the kitchen.

I removed the decor from above the cabinets so it looks clean and simple.

Here is a picture from before..

I left only white window panels up because that is what will stay with the house.
They are fresh and bright and not too "taste specific".

A simpler style for potential buyers.

Mar 25, 2012

Our Simple Master Bathroom

Our bathroom has been last on my list of improvements
since we moved here 6 years ago.


I framed out the mirror in 1x4 pine.

That little side mirror is attached with hinges on one side only. That way I can swing it out to see the side and back of my hair. (very important)

The vanity was cherry wood - I spray painted it and added feet.

That's about it...

I just switched out the decor to go with the rest of our house.

Pretty Simple

to see the bedroom GO HERE

Mar 24, 2012

Restoration Hardware meets Beach House

Brent and Shannon's Home Tour


Family Room

Breakfast Nook

A beautiful blend of old and new...

designed by:

Nicki Larson and Jennifer Palmer
of Kaysville, Utah.

Mar 22, 2012

The Realtors are Coming....

We are moving!

Since our home is going up for sale I made a few changes.

My office is actually our formal dining room so I brought my picnic table out away from the wall and put a bench and a couple of slip covered chairs around it.  I bought some natural burlap for a table cloth (in the garden section at Ace) and lit a few candles in recycled jars.

This looks kind of like a shabby board room.....

A multi-purpose room.....

(drop your junk, work, craft, blog  and now even EAT & DRINK)

I'm trying to scale back my decor a bit but I just can't make it "generic"....
I'll take down those family photos soon.

(my dog looks dead but she is just really lazy)

 I took the big picture of my boys out and replaced it with a white framed mirror.

If you want this house...I will sell it to you -  =)
I will even leave it furnished & decorated so sweet for you!

We are moving to Virginia....
We are excited for the change.... new job for the hubby and looking forward to a fresh start!

Mar 17, 2012

Where did you learn that?

I am at my Mom's house in Utah...

My Mom sews and decorates wonderfully...
Look how she layered her handmade table runners to pull in some Spring color.

The ceilings in this house are vaulted which leaves a lot of room above the cabinets.
Look how beautifully accessorized they are...

The staggered heights and different textures are lovely.
(use boxes and books to help)

Notice the window treatments ...

This is a huge great room.  The breakfast nook features a large bay window. 
A mix of panels and valances with coordinating fabrics are used throughout the whole space.

The panels are only for decor purposes so there's no need to use full length rods in this area. Wooden rods were cut at about 15 to 18 inches and sprayed in flat black paint.  Then finished off with chunky ball finials.

A simple, clean and custom look.

After my mom and I decided this was the best way to do this....
I thought that using bathroom towel rods would work in just the same way.

My Mom made a casing out of the black and white fabric for the window valances that came with her blinds. 
(I would have hot glued them but my mom doesn't take short cuts like me.)

Black ribbon is used as tie backs for the panels.

The center bay window is already really fancy so an iron scroll topper is just enough.

Friends and clients ask me all the time...
"Where did you learn that?"

From My Mom


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