May 30, 2012

Crowded Garden

I planted my own garden several years ago....

Using my tiller (a birthday present) and rocks from the ground around our property I created this flower bed.

Coming from the West...I couldn't believe all the foliage that grew wild here in Connecticut.
Daylillies were growing near the road in our own front yard. I dug them up and replanted them in my flower beds.

This is a photo from just before the lillies are ready to bloom.

I ordered several perennials from an on-line nursery to plant along with my Day Lillies. I also planted Shasta Daisies and Echinacea from seed indoors until they were big enough to be planted outside.
Here are some of my favorite perennials:

Shasta Daisies

Stella Dior Daylillies


Astible Bridal Veil

Black Eyed Susan


Cluster a set of 5 close together for a lovely crowded garden.

In a couple of weeks my garden will be bursting with blooms.

Adding a stone pathway creates an inviting walk through the garden and brings in
a little "cottage style" charm.

Create large curved gardens lined with stones for a welcoming entrance to your front door.

Lovely Gardens Bring Happiness

to see an interesting way I display another area of my garden CLICK HERE

May 22, 2012

Let it be....TV Tray

We use our TV trays a lot at our house.
They are so convenient to pull up as a desk for homework or a snack while watching a favorite movie.
I don't want to keep them hidden in a closet anymore so I made one that fits in with our home decor.

These natural pine TV trays came in a set of four.
I painted this one white...

I didn't even sand it first. I used Bin primer - lots of it. Then my 2X cover spray paint.
Once it all dried...

I used my Cricut to print out a saying.
(I would use stencils here but I can not find them anywhere since I started packing for my move)

Since I wanted this piece to look really old and look as if it has had a few layers of paint that have worn, I took a sponge roller with some wall touch up color and lightly rolled it all around the tray.

Then I scraped it while wet and once it dries - sand it a lot!

It's OK if my words come up - they are there so I can trace where they were once I remove them.

Then I sand more...
Apply some Dark Walnut stain to the wood areas that come through the paint and rub quickly with a towel or T-shirt. This is a good time to have baby oil on hand to help it blend but....I can't find mine.
So I used...

Murphy Oil worked OK. It took more paint off than I wanted it to but -
it looks fine.

I retraced where the words were with my permanent black paint pen.
Once it was dry - I sanded it too.

There it is...

Let it be..

This saying is one of my amazing friend's favorite quote.
When I pull out this tray and read that I will think of her.

See another makeover of a TV Tray HERE.

to see how I distress wood with a razor blade Click Here
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May 20, 2012

Natural {Tiny} Tree Table

Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is a beautiful way to add texture and character to any style of decor.

Today I made a little tree table.

May 19, 2012

Take A Tour

It seems like every Saturday we have somebody come to look at our home.
(it's for sale)

So since it is nice and clean...

I am going to give you another tour.

Sorry if you've seen it all before.

This is an IKEA rug I got for $19.99 - deal!

I love little pathways through the garden.

Have a fun weekend!

May 16, 2012

The sun came out for dinner...

The Springs in CT are dreary at times...
but we were lucky to see the sun today just in time for dinner.

Our picnic table is serving as my desk right now...

May 15, 2012

Amazing Blogger Friends

I started my blog last September (9 months ago).
In that time I have met some of THE NICEST people...
One friend featured my site last friday - you have to see what nice things she said and guess what?
I didn't do a thing for this post!!!!

When you visit her - show a little love back, pin, join, comment...
She's so sweet!
Have a happy week!!!

May 7, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Magazines have been a big source of inspiration in decorating for me.
(especially before I became aware of creative bloggers)
My style developed partly through images and articles that I have read over the years.
One article in particular strongly influenced my hobby-turned business
making simple wood furniture... and decorating.

Country Home - May 2008

I keep this particular magazine close at hand to refer back to still.
Katie Brown, the host of Katie Brown Workshop, shares her "design on a dime" tips and the photos of her Bridgehampton, NY cottage.

I fell in love with Katie's eclectic mix of styles and simplicity.
The rustic armoire coupled with a sleek finish on the coffee table and a painted green chest of drawers looked like a look I could pull off.  I was a stay at home mom at the time and didn't have a big budget to decorate my (large - to me) colonial home.

The dining table made from scrap wood specifically caught my eye in this photo.
I had been searching for a long, unique, old and chippy sofa table.
The simple, chunky construction turned on a light bulb in my head....
I could make a similar style sofa table. I did.
(view tables and benches I have made here)

Formal seating with a rough handmade table is unexpected....
In our basement we had a similar style train table for our then 5 year old boys.
My hubby made it for them so I had sort of a model to refer to.

I found an old hamper at a tag sale similar to this. I put a garbage can inside of it for our kitchen.
It was a little large for the space I had so we don't use it anymore - I heard a complaint about it one too many times and finally switched it out.

Open shelving in the kitchen with visible dishes, pots and pans looks well lived in.

Even the old barn wood sign ....

I had to share this article for the impression it left on me.  Even though my home doesn't much resemble this sweet cottage - it inspires me still today.

If you are curious about Katie Brown, you can view her website here..

 Another place I like to get ideas are in restaurants.  The lighting and bathrooms especially.
For my porch and garden I take drives to areas along the beach and to historic districts of the towns close by. I notice old doors, fences or even unique shutters that can be recreated.

Find Your Inspiration.

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