Jun 18, 2012

Goodbye My Friends in CT and THANK YOU!!!

We have lived in Connecticut for 9 years.
 This beautiful place has been "home" to our twin boys.

I believe life leads you places for a reason.  This was a place for us to meet some of the best friends we've ever had....friendships to treasure for life.

I have to share with you a video of our going away party that my friends put together for me and my family. I am forever thankful for these people who have embraced us and made our family feel right at home here in Connecticut.
 (click the link below then play the video)

If you love photography - this is one talented photographer.
(Browse her site while you are there.)
Amy knows how to make an event extra special....Thank you!
(Christmas Eve with the Trahant Family 2008)

Jun 12, 2012

Sun Room Style

A Beautifully Built Sun Room

this is an addition of a well planned room...
(Kris and Steve's House)

an IKEA sofa covered in a linen slip cover. The iron scrolls are old Christmas Tree Shop finds that were black.  We sprayed them grey.

For a Nature Loving Teacher...

One of my little boys had a teacher who loves birds, science and nature.
This is what we put together for her as an end of school year gift.

To wrap it up sweet...

Jun 9, 2012

One Living Room ...

I was sifting through some of my photos today and came across several pictures of my living room.

This is one of my favorite rooms to switch around.

Jun 8, 2012


I will be living in this house soon...
I am looking forward to a front porch and a new space to decorate plus
walking trails, a pool, lake and a playground....IN the neighborhood.
My kids are going to love it there.

Jun 5, 2012

Great Room Decorating

When we put our house on the market I sold our huge sectional sofa.

I brought this slip covered set down to the family room from our bonus room because it is smaller and I wanted to open up the great room more.
So I placed it this way...

This is a clean and simple display for potential buyers to see the whole great room area but it wasn't working out for our family "living".

I switched the furniture around to face the fireplace and the TV.

Decorating a great room can leave a lot of options open for furniture placement.
Keeping each individual space cozy and separate is important in open floor plans.

If you think of people sitting in each piece of furniture having a conversation together - Is it easy to hear and see others from where you sit? This is a good sort of "rule of thumb" for distance apart and positioning of sofas and chairs. Think "easy conversation" between seating.....

This sofa divides the breakfast nook area and family room.
A small bench could be placed behind the sofa for more seating if you entertain.

A floor mirror and greenery can be enjoyed from the breakfast nook space and the family room while the whole great room should have one main focal point.

Our focal point is the fireplace...the mantel is a beautiful place to display favorite decor.

to see how I made the Shabby Black "B" Art click here

Great rooms leave lots of fun options open for your furniture to be placed.  Try bringing your pieces away from walls and let them be cozy together - positioning larger pieces around your main focal point in the  center of a room will make the space feel larger and actually very comfortable.

Tonight - my boys and I are going to snuggle up and watch a movie.
(it has been so cold we may even need a fire)

Jun 3, 2012

{Entry Wreath Frame}

I found inspiration for this decorative frame placed on the front door at


What fun colors...

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