Feb 2, 2016

Swedish Style {love}

Today I am sharing some recent photos of spaces that make me drool.
The solid light floors are one thing that I would love in our next house. Painted wood is a favorite.
The white walls and natural wood looks super clean and fresh.
I love the wainscoting all worn in the photo above.
Gosh - Maybe I should just move to Sweden.
Have a happy week!

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KUNIs little white castle said...

I love the first and the last photo. Aaah black and white, adorable

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So much eye candy...I love those floors...

Kelly said...

I really like Swedish style. I've never been to Sweden either. It would certainly be a fun trip.

Judy said...

Scandanavian homes, their decor, style and minimalist style has always been my first choice for decorating. I particularly love the Swedish and Danish Style. The white and/or pastel simplicity of the walls and soft furnishings accent beautifully with the black wood or darker wood furnishings. Candles seem to glow a different way in an all white, sparsely furnished bedroom with lots of white bedding and draping. The style quiets my mind and allows my soul to rest more deeply and creatively. I can't imagine living another way

Town and Country Gals said...

Been a big fan of the Scandinavian blogs and their style for quite a while. Their style is so relaxed and cozy.

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