House Tour 4

Yes there will be a house tour #4 but the home is under construction.

As I choose colors for this new home I am sharing related posts below. I am using this blog as sort of a journal of the process and I am happy to share with you too.

You may leave a comment below.

Post 1 - Exterior House Color Picks

Post 2 - Tulip Hill Lot Walk

Post 3 - Wood Floor Color Choice

Post 4 - Choosing a Home Style

Post 5 - My Kitchen Crush
Marie claire maison décembre 2014
Post 6 - Living Down to Earth and Our Appliance Selections
Post 7 - Choosing Light Fixtures
Post 8 - A Birthday, Foundation and Kitchen Beginnings
Post 9 - Framing Progress and Kitchen Selections
Post 11 - How the Paint Really Looks
Post 12 - A House in Progress
Post 13 - We Own It...
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New house tour coming soon.

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