Wall Colors

I (mostly) use earth tone paint colors in my home.
I like warm tones with NO pink or purple hue to them.
(updated Nov. 2015)
Revere Pewter by
Benjamin Moore

  I've listed the rooms in my home that I know which color I used.
  I have been known to just mix what I have with white and paint a small space with that - which is what my little half bathroom is....so sorry I don't know that one.

Northampton Putty- Benjamin Moore

At the bottom of this page I have made some suggestions of my most used colors that I like to use when I decorate for others.

Benjamin Moore
Providence Olive  HC- 98
Kitchen and Family Room
Family Room

Benjamin Moore
Woodstock Tan  HC - 20
Foyer and Front Living Room

Pratt & Lambertt
Cottage White (9-29)
Master Bedroom

Royal - Ace Hardware
Canvas Beige C23-2
My Office

Behr Premium Plus Ultra -  Home Depot
Raffia Ribbon (UL 160-5)
Laundry Room
Some of my most used paint colors in decorating:

Benjamin Moore
Carrington Beige  HC - 93
This is a perfect neutral color.  It's light and warm.  Not pink-ish and not too yellow.

Benjamin Moore
Northampton Putty HC - 89
My favorite rich color to use in a space where you want contrast.  This is a warm color with a tiny hint of green.

All of the colors I use are very "earthy" in color.  I couple a rich color with a stark white trim.

Benjamin Moore
Wethersfield Moss HC - 110
An olive green that isn't too grey or too green.  I love to use this on furniture too.

All the trim and wainscoting in my home are:

Benjamin Moore
White INT. RM
This is not too grey or yellow and easy to remember.

Thanks and Happy Painting!


Unknown said...

I love the iron pendant lights over the kitchen island-where can I find them?

Casual Home Style on ETSY said...

Check Etsy!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful home - such lovely paint colors, I thought you would have 100 comments!! Funny how some of the deeper colors look quite tranquil too, not dull or sombre. Thanks for the inspiration, and sharing!!

Unknown said...

I sent emails to you but font know if they are going through :-( Want to get my headboard done like the one you made but not sure how you built it. Could you please contact me through deanadoula1@hotmail.com
Much appreciated! Your house is beautiful by the way, you inspire me to get mine done!

Unknown said...

I love the wall color! Very relaxing and would be a nice place to have conversations with friends or family. Perfect for my affordable condo in Mandaluyong. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I have what feels like an impossible situation trying to figure out a great paint color for a big family room down a hallway from my kitchen. I love grayish teal, so I painted the kitchen and hallway a pale teal above the white trim and a darker with a darker grayish teal at the bottom. I love the combo! However, at the end of the hallway, looking into the big family room I have warm beige carpet, warm beige walls and warm beige ceiling! I have a bright white trim where wall meets ceiling-a complex looking trim about 5 inches high around the entire room. I think previous owners were trying to hide something, but that has to stay and I don't want to paint it. So, I'm trying to figure out a nice WARM color to go from that light/dark teal to the walls in the family room. There's a good bit of light coming in from an East window and a North facing set of slider doors. I have so many paint chips I could start a paint store. I've looked at tans, corals, peaches, golds, yellows. I really am bored with all the beige! Any ideas for a good color that won't clash with the teals in the adjoining hallway? It is separated by some white trim about 7 inches wide just before you see the beige paint in thee family room. I'm stumped. Not crazy about pink, coral or peach. I lean more toward a soft or muted gold but can't decide what makes sense! HELP!

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